Embedding sales training and collateral in a sales rep’s daily workflow

We are very excited to announce the release of a very powerful feature in 19th Mile – our Sales Academy.


It is a sales academy with a difference.


It embeds content in your sales workflow. If you are going for a sales meeting, the system understands the context of the meeting – who are you meeting, what are you trying to sell, where are you in the sales process, how many times have you met the client etc. – and surfaces the most relevant content for that meeting, be it training videos or playbooks, product presentations, checklists, or demos.


Even more powerful is the ability to integrate content with performance analytics of an individual.


The Sales Academy comes with a catalog of curated content from sales gurus across the world and is integrated with Coursera and Harvard Business Publishing. But its not just external content that the Sales Academy gives you access to. You can also integrate your own training presentations, videos, existing elearning from your LMS, and even your sales and marketing collateral. The 19th Mile Sales Academy is ideal for distributing micro-learning content. And all this great content is delivered through the 19th Mile mobile app, so that your road warriors can access the content on-the-go.


Sales Academy is built on the fundamental idea that, in order to be consumed effectively, training content needs to be presented in the right context, and at the right time. So, rather than training as an “event” or something that needs to be done at a separate, scheduled time, short and to-the-point training that is presented exactly when needed is more likely to hit the target. This also lends itself well to post training, on-the-job support. Traditional sales academies fail on both these counts – they are event-driven and providing post training support mechanism is a challenge, often leading to poor user adoption.


Here’s a short video that I’ve put together (with my limited video editing skills!) to show you how the 19th Mile Sales Academy works.



I’d be happy to talk you about how 19th Mile Sales Academy can specifically help your company. Drop me a note at vijay.gogoi@19thmile.com.

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